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Company Executives may face criminal and civil penalties for inadvertent violations of Russian-Related Sanctions, regulations, and thousands of federal statutes and laws.

U.S. regulations and laws' key points abridged in a bullet-point format for quick comprehension and "Do" and "Don't" actions for regulation compliance 



法律/規制 不遵守 潜在的な 影響



  • 役員に対する刑事告発、懲役および罰金


  • 人件費+弁護人費用の莫大な費用


  • 刑事告発後の罰金


  • ブランドの評判の喪失


  • 株の減少と会社の崩壊


  • 政府機関、投資家、消費者による訴訟

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